Welcome to ICIST 2018 in Vilnius!

The venue of ICIST 2018

We are glad to announce that ICIST 2017 will take place in a hotel and conference centre Vilnius Grand Resort. Situated just 20 minutes outside of downtown Vilnius, the Vilnius Grand Resort is set within its own expansive grounds. Surrounded by lakes and pine and birch forests, the resort is as peaceful as it is beautiful - a fitting choice for a relaxing getaway in Lithuania. The resort has no shortage of activities to accommodate all ages and tastes with an on-site spa, fitness centre, Championship golf course and cycling facilities on offer. A complimentary shuttle runs to Vilnius throughout the day for cultural trips to the city.

How to reach Vilnius Grand Resort?

From Vilnius airport:

those who come to Vilnius can reach Vilnius Grand Resort by a shuttle. It is free for hotel guests. The timetable of the shuttle is found here. To reach Baltasis tiltas from Vilnius airport you can either take a bus going to Centre (see timetables of buses in Vilnius here; choose routes from stop "Oro uostas") or taxi. You may check taxi prices and numbers here. Also it is recommended to book a taxi online.

To see other alternatives means of travelling please see here.

From Kaunas airport:

 those who come to Kaunas airport might take a direct express bus to Vilnius. You can buy a ticket online and after an hour you will reach Vilnius. To see other alternatives for reaching Vilnius, please see the website of Kaunas airport.

Of course, if you want to have Kaunas sightseeing tour as well, you may take either bus or taxi from the airport to Kaunas. Schedules of public transport in Kaunas might be found here. It is posible to book a taxi online. If you wish, you might take a shuttle bus.

See you in Vilnius!


For public transport timetables and routes:

Vilnius Travel Guide

To call a taxi:


To find events (concerts, exhibitions, etc.)

Mzirafos.lt Renginiai


Discover Vilnius Old Town

Date: 4 October
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Cost: included in the conference fee

Vilnius, the baroque beauty of the Baltic, is a city of immense allure. The largest Old Town in Eastern Europe is architecturally the richest part of Vilnius. Almost every style of architecture can be found: from Gothic, Renessaince, Baroque, Classicism to Post-Modernism. Take part in the walking tour, feel the unique atmosphere of the historic Old Town and discover the places to which you would like to come back again.

The excursion in Vilnius will be followed by a conference dinner.

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