Guidelines to Presenters


The official language of the ICIST 2017 is English.

Equipment that will be given

  • PC (Microsoft Windows and MS Office 2013)
  • Projector

You should bring your presentation on a USB stick and upload it on Desktop before the session starts.

Time limit and presentation form

Key Notes: up to an hour, including discussion.
Submitted papers: 20 minutes, including discussion.

  • A slide presentation is recommended to take 15 minutes leaving an author 5 minutes to answer the questions.

Since presentations will be delivered in large lecture halls, it is recommended to prepare your slides accordingly.

  • Font size: 32 pt for titles, 28 pt (minimum 24 pt) for the main body.
  • Spacing: a minimum of 5mm of blank space between lines.

Following these recommendations, slides will be prepared to let the audience easily absorb information presented.

Remember that you can expand your presentation giving a speech, and only essential information should be presented in slides.


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